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If you’re growing your business in 2020 and need help making sure all the pieces “connect”,
so you have clarity, the right strategy, and proven methods that work…

This is your opportunity to get access to the most effective and strategic course out there to grow and scale your business.

Watch this video to hear the 5 big mistakes most entrepreneurs make that limit their growth and what to do instead.


Who is Libby?

Libby Crow is a global mentor for entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses and their minds. She is the founder of LC Mentorship, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants that she scaled to 7-figures and Co-Founder of The Daily Shift, a personal development company for entrepreneurs that she runs with her husband Scott. Through her coaching programs she bridges the gap between marketing and soulful service helping online entrepreneurs scale their businesses online. 
Libby has been seen in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox, ABC, NBC, and more…

W H O  I S  S C O T T ?

Scott Oldford has grown 9 of his businesses past 7-figures, further, he’s helped over 100 businesses in the coaching/mentorship, courses, consulting and software-as-a service go past 7 figures. Today, his methods and strategies are seen and used by hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs, allowing him to take the time to mentor, invest and advise some of the top Entrepreneurs in the online space. He is known as the “go to” when you want to scale your business past 7 figures (while still having an amazing life).

That’s why we’ve created a special offer to combine the strategy and the soul of what it takes to build a successful online business.

We’ve taken our top courses and combined them together, so you can radically change your business (and your life) this year.


This offer will be available once, afterwards, all of our programs will be sold at their regularly prices in 2020. We don’t expect you to use them right away, which is why you get lifetime access, allowing our proven (and timeless) strategies to help you now and into the future.

Here's What You'll Get:

($2,997 Regular)

Scott’s R.O.I Method is famous for having helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs scale 6+ and 7+ figure businesses.

With 100’s of videos and in-depth guides, it’s the complete strategic and tactical marketing and sales program for helping you scale up your business. (maybe mention the pillars you teach)

It’s truly the “all-in-one” business course, that every online Entrepreneur *must* have.

($997 Regular)

This is Libby’s Signature Business Training Course for Coaches and Consultants to sell high ticket programs using organic marketing.

You’ll also get access to special bonus modules on launching new programs, using Instagram to convert, and building Facebook groups.

The Business Accelerator

($197 Regular)

This is a master collection of 365 videos covering the mindset and spiritual side of business. We go through every single pillar of the business to give you mentorship on the exact mindset blocks that you’re sure to have along the way..

SHIFT 365 
Mindset Program

($997 Regular)

Scott’s work is famous for Omnipresence (meaning his content shows up on every platform, all the time), however, a lot of Entrepreneurs don’t know how to implement their own Omnipresence campaigns.

In this 7 -day program, you discover how to implement Omnipresence in your business, no matter the size or how big your audience is,
 allowing you to capture the sale increase that happens when you use Omnipresence (the science of being everywhere).


($1,197 Regular)

You will get a free digital copy of Scott’s new Nuclear Effect book coming in April 2020. You will also get the entire online version, including 11 hours of in-person recordings, for free. 

This will cover the parts of the business that include not just marketing and sales,
however, it goes in-depth on operations, delivery, hiring, finances and mindset.

This is perfect for you, if you're looking to scale your business past $100,000/month.

Effect Book

+ 11 Hours of Recordings

Plus… we’re going to sweeten the deal…

$PRICELESS We've never done this before! )

For the first 50 people who purchase, you’ll get to access a 60 minute LIVE Group Mentorship Session with both Libby and Scott.

Inside of this Q & A we’ll answer your marketing, sales, business, mindset, lifestyle, relationship and everything in-between questions to support you personally.

If you’ve ever wanted to talk with us and get the answers… This is your chance.

You would have to spend $6185.00 for these programs plus thousands more to be on a LIVE Group Mentorship Session with us


You can get access to the bundle for just 12 monthly payments of...


You’ll get access to all of these programs instantly.


Don’t know if it’s a fit?

No problem, after you purchase, you have 30 days to try it all out, if it doesn’t resonate and isn’t useful and you can show us that you went through it, we’ll refund you.

Every day, we both hear from people who get results from just changing one thing in their business that they heard from a video about marketing, sales, or even mindset. We know what we teach is epic and it gets results.

Here’s just some of the results that we’ve seen from our customers of these various programs…


Are you ready?
We’re so excited to help you get on the next level in 2020.

$147/mo x 12 months


What happens after I invest? 

It’ll be super simple, you’ll get access with your registered email addresses and you’ll get sent all of your login details. 

It’ll be easy and then you can start whichever programs (or parts of programs) that you want. 

What if I already have 1 of the programs? 

First, thank you for being a customer already--we appreciate you!

This is the perfect time to get all of our programs to complete your Oldford-Crow Collection. We won’t be doing this again, anytime soon so get on it while you can.

How long do I get access to the programs for? 

You get access to the programs, for the lifetime of the program. 

We won’t be restricting your access anytime soon. Just like those customers who still have access from our very first courses. 

We aren’t going anywhere :) 

Do I get updates, in the future? 

Yes, you get updates to the programs, if there are updates applied. 

For example The R.O.I Method Course specifically will be updated in 2020 with even more amazing content. 

This is a lot of value, why are you doing this? 

We wanted to do something special for 2020. Further, we want our programs to be accessible to any Entrepreneur who is serious about making things work inside of their business. 

We know if we help you, the world will become a better place.

Plus… we know our stuff is “that good” ;) 




Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators… 


Do you want to evolve your business to the next level in 2020?