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If you thought that reaching 7-Figures would solve all of your business’ problems….

….but instead you find yourself on the “7-Figure Hamster Wheel”...

Are you generating $50k+ per month in your business but still don’t have a clear plan for how to consistently generate new leads & clients so you can predictably grow your company’s bottom line?

Are you tired of the draining stress that comes with worrying about what will happen if you can’t continue creating the revenue needed to cover your expenses each month?

Do you feel most months like you’re starting over from $0 and always having to launch, hustle, or “shake the trees” to be able to make sales & generate cash?


Project Nuclear is the only business accelerator for entrepreneurs currently generating between $500k to $5m in yearly revenue that brings together the best experts in marketing, sales, operations, finances, product delivery and mindset for serious, sustainable, profitable growth.

Project Nuclear is designed to accelerate your growth and help you hit your goals in just a fraction of the time.

So we try and fix what’s broken by throwing money at the problem(s) 

So we hire some Marketing help for $5,000/month…

….and hire a salesperson for $3,000/month….

….then we get someone to help build and run the operations for $3,000/month... 

….and then we finally get financial and accounting help we’ve needed all along for $2,000/month…

….and those are just the permanent positions…

Project Nuclear is an ideal fit for 3 kinds of Entrepreneurs who want to massively grow their business and stabilize their revenue. Their current situations look like at least one of the three below:


Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Business Coach

You get a team of expert marketers, media buyers, copywriters, and strategists.

Project Nuclear is specifically tailored to the needs of Entrepreneurs who want to scale fast.

We surround you with a team of world-class experts in every area of business so that you can start building the business you’ve always wanted.

You get an adviser to help plan your overall business growth.

You get an adviser to help you build rock solid financials.


You get access to an active community of Entrepreneurs just like you who are leading their industries and experiencing fast growth within the Project Nuclear Accelerator

And most importantly, you get the ability to create a successful business that no longer relies on your hustle to keep running.

Here are some of the people we have supporting our members inside Project Nuclear:

If you resonate with the values and the mission outlined above…

And you’re ready to finally have some consistency in your business, so that you can rapidly scale your business….

….so that you can create the life and impact you really want…

Then apply for Project Nuclear, and surround yourself with a team of world-class experts who can come alongside you, support you as you grow, and show you the next steps for you to grow your company.



Fill in the application. My team will take a look, and if you’re a good fit, you’ll be connected  either directly to me or with Brad Newman. I am personally doing a lot of these calls so there’s a good chance that we’ll be talking soon after you complete your application below!


Scribe Media

YouTube for Bosses

90 Day Year

The Listings Lab

World Class Influence

In Project Nuclear, High 6-Figure & Low 7-Figure Entrepreneurs are Finally Getting Off the Hamster Wheel & Creating Sustainable Growth in Their Businesses…..

I’m Scott Oldford and...

In the past 15 years, I’ve grown 7 of my own businesses to over 7-figures (with my current business being on pace to hit an 8-figure run rate in less than a year)

In addition, at this point I’ve helped dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs scale to and beyond multiple 7-figures.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I've had to solve a lot of the problems that come with growing a business…

... either through my own painful trial and error or through investing several hundreds of thousands of dollars so far in my life on mentors, coaches, consultants (and even therapists)....

And the truth is…even with all the mentors, coaches, team members, etc….as an Entrepreneur…

Until recently, I always felt like I
was "figuring it out on my own."

And the thing is…

Getting here took WAY too long…

15 years to be exact.

And while I can be patient...I have no patience for slow growth filled with unnecessary struggle when I now know there are ways to build significant momentum quickly…..

….to be able to “collapse time” and reach your goals faster.

If you want sustainability, predictability, and leverage in your business so it no longer has to depend completely on you….

What if instead you could see a continual increase in:

the number of targeted people who know who you are & what you do

the number of qualified leads reaching out to you….wanting to work with you

the number of incredible opportunities that this increase in success and in “fame” will bring into your life and your business

Those happen to be a few of the benefits that happen when The R.O.I. Method is successfully implemented into your business.

And Project Nuclear is our exclusive business accelerator where we are powerfully installing The R.O.I. Method into over 50 businesses right now.

A sustainable, growing 7-figure business needs a lot of support. 

Each main pillar in your business has to be examined, upgraded, and regularly reinforced (if you expect them to continue holding up an ever growing business, of course).

The six pillars are: 

• Marketing + Lead Generation
• Sales
• Product / Service Delivery
• Operations + Team
• Financials
• Mindset

Even after working with so many entrepreneurs who were stuck in the mid six figure to low seven figure level….

...I still have never met a single entrepreneur who really “had it together” in all 6 of these Pillars. 

If you thought that reaching 7-Figures would solve all of your business’ problems….

….but you didn’t truly upgrade the weak Pillars of your business on your way to reaching the 7-figure level…

… you will only find yourself with a bigger, scarier, more exhausting version of the “Hamster Wheel”.

Clearly, the cost of being subpar in any of the Pillars is steep.

As Entrepreneurs, we know deep down that we’re not amazing at everything.

That’s not counting all the “short term” costs you need to bear in order to get things moving. Expenses like hiring coaches, consultants, or contractors to improve specific areas of the business.

And let’s not even talk about the additional cost of the personal and professional development needed to be able to manage the demands of success in today’s world (things like masterminds, conferences + events, courses + programs, etc)

And even with all that investment….most entrepreneurs at this level still get stuck on the hamster wheel, and it can take years to get their business to the next level (if they ever do at all….)

For most businesses, there are still some key things missing that are keeping them from sustainable, profitable growth.

Despite a significant investment of dollars & energy, too many entrepreneurs are operating a “7 figure hustle”....

….a business that needs them so deeply that they can’t even peacefully take a vacation for fear that it will fall apart while they’re away….

….and often feeling stuck between the fine lines of burning out vs. not being able to take a break to recharge because there is now so much depending on you to step up and perform….

...you have important clients, your team, your family….

Because there is a lot on the line at this critical point in a business’ lifespan, we have committed to building an accelerator specifically for businesses at this stage.

In Project Nuclear, you become surrounded with all the resources, strategies, and experts needed to achieve the type of business growth and profitability you’ve always wanted.

You can
 finally build a sustainable business that can run without needing you all the time, that can create feelings of security rather than feelings of stress, and that can relieve you from having to perpetually hustle to keep the business running.

In Project Nuclear, you have direct access to a dedicated team of experts in each of the 6 Pillars of your business. Each adviser on the Project Nuclear team has direct, hands-on experience building and working within 7 and 8 figure businesses.

This is not just a powerful community of some of the highest-level entrepreneurs in business today.

This is not just about implementing the ROI Method to improve your marketing & drive more sales.

This is not just 1-on-1 support for strategic business-building with an adviser who’s already built their own 7-figure+ business...

This is not just mindset help from entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done that.

And it’s not just marketing, operations, leadership, financial, or sales support.

It’s all of it...and more.  

Project Nuclear is optimized to get you moving FAST.

Whether it’s fueling your marketing with the ROI Method, or helping you rapidly hire and scale a professional team to help you run the business, Project Nuclear is designed to solve virtually every problem you may face as you grow your business.

There is so much more that we give you in Project Nuclear and our obsession has been continually improving it as well as always being on the hunt for the best talent in the world to bring in to help support our members.

Speaking of, here are the types of members we have in Project Nuclear:

Entrepreneurs who currently generating between $50,000 to $250,000 per month in revenue but want to create a truly sustainable business.

Entrepreneurs who already have (or recently exited) a successful business, are looking to start a new business, and want to build significant momentum for it - - fast.

Entrepreneurs who have a large, engaged audience but are “under-monetizing” that audience….this is for entrepreneurs who want to help create a successful, sustainable business around their audience + following they’ve built.




Here are some of the entrepreneurs already experiencing serious growth within Project Nuclear:

Pocket Learning Spanish


Hungry for Happiness


Trill Media

Alpha Mentorship

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Course Creator

The Bridge Method


Linked Into Leads & Expert Selling Machine

You can’t help but acclimate and “normalize”
to your environment.

In Project Nuclear, every day you get to hang out exclusively with people who are making huge moves in their industries (virtually as well as in person at our meetups, hangouts, and masterminds)

No matter exactly where you are when you come in, the bar is set high. And the bar is set high for everyone in the community. It’s contagious. The energy is infectious. It will help further light your fire.

You’ll normalize yourself to seeing how fast people can get results + growth….

….what it feels like to regularly celebrate big wins for yourself + for others….

…. and to experience connection, build relationships, and be supported to a level unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

So if you are interested in owning your market through Omnipresence…

…..if you are interested in collapsing time and getting straight to the results you want...

….and if you are interested in working directly with Scott, Zion, and our whole team - -  ready to guide you through your challenges and create sustainable, profitable growth in your business…

Then complete your application now & book a time on our calendar to have a discussion about Project Nuclear and if it is a good fit for you


It took me (and a full team of people) years to figure out what it takes to truly build a sustainable, predictable 7+ figure business.
Getting direct access to us, our templates, tools, and execution agency is the fastest way we’ve ever seen to build momentum and to establish a powerful positive feedback loop in your business….

….to build a marketing system that will continually grow the number of connections, clients, cash, & opportunities required for the kind of profitable, sustainable growth you want to start experiencing in your business…

...and to have a business that provides real freedom.

That is what is possible with the help of this team within Project Nuclear. If you want to explore further if this is the right program for your business’ growth now, fill out our application and book a time on our calendar:



Head of Project Nuclear

Copy + Messaging

Traffic + Conversion

Paid Traffic Specialist

Funnel Specialist

Execution + Mindset Specialist

Ads + Funnels

Finance + Accounting Specialist

Partnership Strategy


We want the Firewalkers.

You can jump into the fire and chaos of an emerging business. Not only are you able to adapt and take action in the midst of chaos, but you thrive in this environment. Nothing can burn you. You can be thrown into the fire and create something from nothing.

We want the Lightbringers

You own your gifts and bring forth the light inside you for others. You value illumination over manipulation in life and business. And you lead with transparency, integrity, and clear communication. You show up vulnerably and authentically.

We want the Amplifiers.

You’re focused on solving problems for scale. It’s not enough for you to make an incremental difference. You think about how to make a 10x-100x impact. What you do in a day, takes others weeks. What you do in a week, takes others months. What you do in a month, takes overs years.

We want the Masters.

We stand against being an expert who’s just “one step ahead of your customer”. You’re not an expert, you’re a master. You can effectively deliver powerful transformations for the clients and customers you serve. You’re obsessed with the pursuit of mastering your craft.

We want the Evolutionaries.

You can’t accept standing still. You’re focused on continuously making your gifts greater, and more comprehensive. You look for opportunities to learn from the best, and build on what’s been laid before you. You look for Win/ Win/ Win situations: WIN for YOU, WIN for ME, WIN for the WORLD

We want the Servants.

You put others first. But you also realize the importance of self-care, and that you can’t give from an empty vessel. You serve others from a place of abundance. You first, then lead.


Project Nuclear is an application-only program. At the moment, we accept less than 30% of Entrepreneurs who approach us or are referred to us into Project Nuclear.  

Our culture is everything to us, which is why every prospective member goes through an extensive Discovery Process to ensure we are the absolute best fit to help you grow.

It’s not just *any* entrepreneur we want to help.

We all know there are plenty of bad actors out there. We want to illuminate the best entrepreneurs, and elevate them so they can impact our world. 

We want to help entrepreneurs who carry the F.L.A.M.E.S. of a passionate heart obsessed with impact and service.

And last but not least, we want those who will do 1 More Thing. You go above and beyond the call of duty to make your clients and community feel welcomed. You’re always looking for that one thing you can do to make someone’s experience extra special.

This is who we are. This is who we surround ourselves with. And this is how we’re going to change the world so that no problem is ever solved twice and entrepreneurs can start working on the biggest issues facing humanity.

We only work with Entrepreneurs who are on board with that mission.

We’re invested in your growth, and want to empower you to both profit and greatly impact the world.

The Excellence and Grace Collective

Avintiv Media

Head of Intimacy